Zio's Red Hot Bar Mitzvah.

case study: a "Z" for Zio!

Zio is my nephew. Let's put that right out there. He lives across the pond in London, England and I don't see him very often. I knew that when his parents were starting to plan his big day, I would jump right in to give him the logo to suit his style. 

His request was specific, yet gave me room to get creative and surprise him with something he wasn't exactly picturing. Zio asked for something 3D; something with a perspective and depth to it. But most of all, it had to have fire.


This bar mitzvah client may have been family, but the process was the same as with any client! Keep reading below...


After a consultation, design multiple concepts to enable honing in on exactly what the bar mitzvah wants in their logo!


Review client's feedback to settle into one or two concepts to develop further.


Design a logo with much more detail that could be the final or very close to what the final logo will be.


Deliver the final logo for approval and provide the file formats and color variations needed for printing, party gifts, gobos, and everything else!


the logo.

the main event.

Mazel Tov to Zio!


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