Crowmarsh Gifford.

a corporate branding case study.

Crowmarsh Gifford is a PR, communications, and consulting startup providing a suite of services that encompasses strategic corporate communications and investor outreach. deRuth Design was hired to brand them with a corporate identity through logo, brand/style guidelines, website, and business pieces. Future work will include promotional ads, SEO configuration, and social media setup.

The Challenge: Visually brand the startup in a way that gives them a strong identity that covers their entire suite of services. In this vein, create a logomark that can stand on its own, yet not be symbolic of only one business service. It must cover everything, but without a generic look.

The Solution: A great deal of research came into play to develop the logomark and ideal font for wordmark. This logo will live on through design trend changes, with the goal that Crowmarsh Gifford is quickly identified just from the blue square window logomark. When developing their brand guidelines, a clean, cool, corporate feel was used. Plenty of accent colors were necessary for the type of business documents and reports Crowmarsh Gifford creates, with enough colors working well together to create graphs, charts, and infographics. The website is simple and to the point. For this company, it's "just the facts," the ideal format to get the necessary information to their current and future client base. 

the logo.

the brand guidelines.


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