case study: branding a teen!

Justin* was planning a sci-fi themed bar mitzvah. He came to me with a sketch and request: Make it look science fiction but not like a specific franchise. While Justin loves Star Wars and Doctor Who, for example, he wanted that aesthetic without specifically referencing either.

You'll see my design journey below. I started out attempting to work with his sketch in a very literal way. Although his sketch was really cool and I know what he was going for, it just wasn't working. Cut to my design concept, using his initials and creating a non-specific sci-fi look. I combined rings (representing space such as orbits) and circuits (representing technology). I used his blue and matched that with silver for his invitations and envelopes. 

The final result hit the mark with Justin and his family!

*Names and addresses have been changed
to protect the family's privacy.

Justin's Sci-fi Bar Mitzvah.

the logo.

Justin's sketch

the final logo

the logo journey...

the invitation.

the main event.


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