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Five reasons you should hire a professional logo & branding designer.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Ever since Photoshop and PowerPoint came along about 25 years ago, people have been able to create a simple, makeshift icon with text to use as their logo. Over the years, people have continued to use these software packages to do their own layout and design, often for logos or brochure and newsletter layout. These days, the internet is prolific with low cost services providing premade and "cookie cutter" logos and other business design services. These DIY or premade design options appear to be quick, easy, cheap. But is it really so, in the end? Is it worth your money and time when the outcome doesn't actually deliver?

Why do you need a professional graphic designer for your logo and company branding?

1. Professionalism.

It's simple: when your logo has a professional look, your business has a professional look. Homemade and premade logos just won't do what you need them to. There is something to be said about knowing the task at hand, understanding the objectives, and delivering on them. A professional graphic designer is just that - professional. When you need a lawyer, mechanic, landscaper and you need to get it done right the first time, you go to the professionals. Why not go to the professionals when you need design services?

2. Experience and Training.

Following up on reason No. 1, the professional designer has the experience and training that is necessary to build your brand and logo. Do you understand what is involved in building a brand? Will a premade or template logo cover all the aspects of building that brand? It takes the experience of a professional designer to inform the shapes, images, fonts, and colors that will best create a brand that works for your business or product. Professionals are constantly improving on their skills, learning from other designers, taking courses, researching market trends, and updating their software packages regularly.

3. Establish Your Brand Identity.

What is a brand identity? This is the visual representation of your businesses goals, mission, products, services, and the people involved. In addition to taking all the specifics of your business into account when building your brand, the trends of the industry you are a part of must be considered as well. For example, there are colors that are most likely used for certain industries, and those that are avoided. There are shapes to be paid attention to in order to fit the expectations of your customers and send them the appropriate messages of what your business is and does. These are all elements of building a brand identity that the layperson may not have the knowledge or tools to consider.

4. Brand Consistency.

Once you have a logo, are you done? Part of establishing your brand identity is being able to roll out all aspects of your brand, from logo to style guide, letterhead and business cards, document layout, advertising, and even trade show booths, with a consistency of the brand elements to hold the attention of your customers and help them to identify you and your products and services. This is the where a professional graphic designer applies the "look and feel" of your brand consistently across everything you put in front of your customers. It isn't as simple as designing your "perfect" logo, or even applying your logo color(s) to everything else.

5. Invest in Your Future Success!

In the end, what is your goal in running your business? To make money, help people, succeed at accomplishing your mission... You've put your heart and soul into building the business to what it is now. You need a logo and branding. The investment is a drop in the bucket when you look at the whole picture. Think about this: You get your haircut every 6 weeks - paying a professional to do that job. Whether it's $20 at the barber shop or $100 in a salon, you have made the decision to make that investment in your appearance. You aren't cutting your own hair, are you? Hiring a professional graphic designer for logo and branding services is an investment in the appearance of you, your business, your services and products, and your employees. This is a one-stop solution to moving forward on reaching your goals.

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About the Author: Ruth Lefcoe is a graphic designer based in the Washington, DC, Metro Area, with a client list covering the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. She has over 20 years of design/branding experience with large and small companies, U.S. Government agencies such as DHHS, NIH, SAMHSA, and private clients. Ruth has a 15-year-old son and a sweet beagle pup, enjoys creative challenges, digital art, cake decorating, and marathoning whole seasons on Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and anything streaming.

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